Badalucco: Buzzing Center of Valle Argentina

Badalucco, view from above
Badalucco, view from above

Fun and authentic Ligurian experience is guaranteed in Badalucco, the heart of Valle Argentina. It is also the center of Ligurian olive oil production, famous for its high quality. Imagine a lively piazza,.Buzzing restaurants and bars. Welcoming local produce stores. And did we mention the  unique open-air museum? 


Life in Badalucco  is never dull, but probably much slower than where you come from. So, remember to slow down and enjoy the dolce far niente side of life. Need  few tips  for a perfect, relaxing day in Badalucco? Here're few:


Morning/early afternoon


Start the day with a coffee and brioche/fritatta/focaccia/panini in one of the local bars (Bar Pradio on the main street is our favorite). Take your time and enjoy your coffee and indulge in people watching. After breakfast visit one of the olive oil mills, temples of great local produce and hospitality. We are sure that you won't leave empty-handed.


There're plenty of options for the afternoon. Fancy a dip in a secluded river bath? Or you'd rather go to the sea? Or perhaps biking is your thing? You can do whatever tickles your fancy most--the river baths are right there in Badalucco, the sea is 15 minutes by car, and wonderful hiking and biking trails are very close too. If you feel like staying in Badalucco, you can explore its narrow streets and the curious collection of art displayed on almost every house. This town was a home to many an artist in the sixties and seventies who painted unique murals and made wonderful pottery displayed all around town.


Siesta time


After an active and exciting day you deserve a little nap, better known as siesta around here. In Italy, the right to siesta is stronger than any law. All shops are closed between noon  and 4PM, and most restaurants too. You would make the best use of your time if you surrender to dolce far niente and enjoy a siesta.




Aperitivo is another fixture of Italian daily life that you shouldn't miss. If you visit any of the bars in Badalucco between 5 and 7 PM and have a glass of prosecco, aperol or beer, you'd be offered some nice snacks too. This is the time of the day when the town becomes very lively, with adults enjoying their aperitivo and chat with friends and children their play.




There's no lack of choices of food in Badalucco. If you feel like really good pizza, check La Stua, right above the gas station. They have a big outdoor sitting area, but be sure to book a table well in advance as the place tends to get crowded in the evenings. If you'd rather have nice homey pasta, try Canon d'Oro, right on the main street. They have daily menus of  typical Ligurian food at affordable prices. Il Ponte, restaurant near the Roman bridge specializes in fish and meat, but they also have a good selection of pasta and pizza. If you want to treat yourself with something really special, head to Ca' Mea, on the road from Badalucco to Taggia. They offer a quite generous fixed menu of many mushroom-based dishes. 


Badalucco by night


If you still have energy after the exhausting day of nature,culture and gastronomy pleasures, stop by the Banca del Vino at the main church piazza. They have an excellent selection of Italian wines and are happy to recommend the one that's just right for you.  You can enjoy lively conversations with locals and tourists and admire the view of the illuminated church.

  • River baths 5 min.
  • Montalto Ligure 5 min.
  • Ligurian Sea 15 min.
  • Sanremo 25 min.
  • Monaco 40 min
  • Nice airport 1 h 10 min


  • Altitude: 179 meters above sea level 
  • Population: 1205 
  • Coordinates: 43 ° 55 'N, 7 ° 51' E 



  • post office
  • bank 
  • 2 ATMs 
  • gas station 
  • pharmacy 
  • 6 bars / cafes 
  • 5 restaurants 
  • free Internet on the Piazza Doumo and at Pradio bar
  • 2 butchers 
  • vegetable shop 
  • small supermarket 
  • tobacco
  • 2 free public parking