Terms & Conditions

And here is the "small print". By booking one of the properties advertized by Dolce Vita Liguria you accept the following terms & conditions without further written consent. The terms & conditions are binding for both the tenant and the Owner.


The following booking conditions apply to all rental properties and binding on the lessee and the respective owner as a contracting party (hereinafter called the "Owner").


I. By renting the property, the temporary right is given to the tenant to use the property including all furnishings and objects contained in the property. The tenant is obliged to treat the entire object and its inventory as well as community facilities with utmost care. All damages of the rental property caused by the tenant during the rental period shall be reported immediately. All costs pertaining to the damage shall be covered by the tenant. The tenants liability is not limited to the amount of the deposit.    


II. It is hereby stipulated that all of rental facilities including swimming pool, playground, kitchen, bathroom and all the property equipment in the house and the garden should be used solely at tenant's risk and peril. Children must be informed of all risks in the entire area of the leased property and supervised by the parents. The landlord is not liable for damages caused by improper use of the facility and the equipment.


III. In unlikely case of electricity or water shortage/damage or similar, the tenant is obliged to inform the local contact immediately to keep any damage as small as possible and assist in eliminating it.


III/1. Any defects of the rented property must be reported immediately on receiving notice by the tenant to the local contact, thus corrective or improvement can be offered. Therefore, any further complaints will not be accepted.


IV. Costs for average use of electricity, water, gas, are usually included in the rent. Exceptions, if applicable, are separately described in "Booking and Payment Information for Your Holiday Home" . Possible heating costs are generally billed separately and at the end of the rental period.


V. The landlord may cancel the lease contract without a notice if: a) the tenant breaches the contract or endangers others by his behavior, or b) force majeure significantly impedes or impairs the rental of the property.


VI. Cancellation in case of a) the rental price forfeits, for cancellation in case of b) prior to departure: already paid rental fees will be refunded immediately, further claims are excluded. b) after departure: already paid rental fees will be refunded partially, further claims are also excluded here.


VI. In unlikely event that the landlord is unable to provide the contractually agreed service, the tenant has the right to request reasonable alternative. The landlord shall make best effort to accommodate such requests depending on the availability of the alternative rental property.


VII. The reservation is legally binding only after receipt of the deposit to the account of the particular house owner, the rent is due and non-appearance of the tenant in full. In case of no-show, the tenant shall cover the full price of the rental. 


VIII. The property shall be considered booked only upon full payment of the contractually agreed rental price. The number of guests per property is defined by the the information given on this website. In case the property is used by more guests without prior notice, the landlord reserves the right to terminate the contract. The earliest check-in time is 4 PM on the day of arrival, check-out is latest by 10 AM on the day of departure. Exceptions are possible only upon written request and confirmation.


IX. Pets of any kind are allowed on the property only by prior arrangement and written confirmation.


X. Changes in the contract must be in writing.


XI. The tenant shall receive the address of the holiday home after the booking is confirmed.


XII. The tenant is obliged to leave the property completely clean upon departure. Complete cleaning includes: cleaning of the kitchen and the cooking equipment and sink, drying and putting crockery and cutlery in its place, disposal of all food leftovers and waste. The organizer reserves the right to charge the tenant additional cleaning fees if the tenant fails to properly clean the property.


XIII. Jürgen Henning presents the objects on this website on behalf of the respective owners, but is not an organizer within the meaning of §651a I BGB (According to German law.) The conclusion of rental agreements for all houses, apartments and other types of holiday objects is made with the respective landlord. The lease is concluded by the booking confirmation, which is either sent by the landlord or on his behalf by Jürgen Henning. Jürgen Henning does not owe any other services.

Jurisdiction for both parties is the domicile of the respective holiday home owner.


The invalidity of any provision of this contract does not invalidate the entire contract.