Inland Liguria — a slice of authentic dolce vita

Unlike many other places in Italy, inland Liguria stubbornly resists the siren song of mass tourism.   You can still find pieces of untouched nature here — river baths that you can claim your own for few hours or mountain paths where you won't meet a single soul. You can have the best cappuccino in your life at the busy bar where the local construction workers, smartly dressed grandpas and youngsters gather to loudly discuss politics and sport. You can indulge in heavenly crisp pizza surrounded by big families chatting  and children playing football. You can get lost in the meandering maze of alleys of a medieval town without being offered a single kitschy souvenir. You can get in your car and be by the sea in 15 minutes.


Come to Liguria and get a taste of the authentic dolce vita. 

In Liguria, there’s something for everyone

We at Dolce Vita Liguria believe that your holiday shouldn't be only about sitting in the sun and marveling the magnificent views. We’ve put together a list of activities, events, tours and restaurants to choose from to make your holiday truly unique and unforgettable.

Regardless whether you're coming for a romantic get-away for two or a family holiday, whether you're looking for an active or a relaxing holiday experience, there is something to keep you happy


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