Montalto Ligure: The Romantic Medieval Gem of Valle Argentina

Montalto Ligure, Paese Romantico
Montalto Ligure, Paese Romantico

Just a look up to Montalto from the road leaves you breathless. Once you enter the village you'll be enchanted by its air of medieval beauty, romanticism and calm. Find a spot to enjoy the impressive view to Valle Argentina below and the French Maritime Alps across. Take a stroll around the village and most probably you'll get lost in its maze of alleys. 


Montalto is an ideal spot for those who want to enjoy the blessings of a quiet holiday in nature, but also be close to where the action is. During the day you can enjoy walks in the mountain or a refreshing swim in the river bath nearby.Head to Badalucco for some fun in the evening. The center of village life is the only bar, where locals gather to chat, discuss politics, play cards, or eat a tasty home cooked meal. You can buy the basic staples in the local shop or have a meal in La Finestrella.


The highlight of Montalto are its two churches. San Giovanni Battista, in the heart of the historical center of Montalto, dates back to the 1407 and is famous for housing the works of the famous Ludovico Brea. San Giorgio is situated in the lower part of Montalto and is a well-preserved Byzantine church from the 12th century. Because of its excellent acoustics  and unique setting San Giorgio often hosts classical music concerts. In late August Montalto hosts Montalto Opera Studio, an intenrational opera master class with closing event on the main piazza.


Montalto used to host a picturesque medieval festival during which locals strolled around the village dressed in medieval costumes and feasted until dawn. Check out the video below to get a taste of the medieval spirit of romantic Montalto.


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  • Badalucco 5 Min.
  • River baths 5 Min.
  • Mediterranean Sea 20 min.
  • 30 min. Sanremo,
  • 45 min.  Monaco
  • Only 1 h 15 min. to Nice airport