David & Tobias of La Banca del Vino in Badalucco

Tobias and David of La Banca del Vino
Tobias and David of La Banca del Vino

Liguria works magic on visitors. When David and Tobias first visited the region some three years ago, they were hoping to indulge in travel, good food and wine for few weeks before they returned to their busy London lives. Three years later, they are still around, running La Banca del Vino at Badalucco's main piazza and spreading their knowledge and love of superb Italian wines and all things Ligurian. 


There's no typical evening at La Banca del Vino. One day you might find yourself sitting next to a big cheerful group of Italian women using a birthday as an excuse for having a good time. Next time you drop in there might be an international crowd living in the region, plus some Badalucco young hipsters enjoying an aperitivo before they hit the party scene of Sanremo. Regardless the time of the year and visitors on a particular night, one cannot miss the positive vibe of the place and David's and Tobias's ability to create a laidback and welcoming atmosphere.


The bar always has a good selection of sparkling, white and red wines which surprise and delight. All wines come from La Banca del Vino, a cooperative specializing in promoting superb, hand-picked wines from all over Italy. They belong to Slowine, a branch of the Slow Food movement, which promotes delicious, healthy  and ethical food. 


Your Ligurian experience won't be complete without stopping by La Banca del Vino in Badalucco at least once. The bliss of sitting on the terrace on a warm summer night with a glass of great wine and enjoying the happy chatter is unbeatable. Salute!

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