"Cicin" Giovanni Battista Panizzi: Olive Oil Maker with Passion

Beloved by locals and visitors, Cicin is much more than a proud Badalucco native and olive oil maker-- he's an institution. Passionate chronicler and treasurer of the region's past and present, Cicin is happy to share its stories with curious travelers.


Cicin's olive oil mill, museum and local produce store are the center of Badalucco life. Locals come here to have their olives pressed into olive oil, chat over a glass of wine and learn what's happening around town.


Visitors are fascinated and intrigued by the stories about the ancient art of olive oil making treasured at the museum. The local produce store is a perfect place to taste some of Valle Argentina delicacies. Signora Carolina who works in the shop won't let you leave until you've tried the black olive pate, sun dried tomatoes, home made pesto and three different types of extra virgin olive oil. We bet you won't resist the lure and will get some of the wonderful stuff for home.  

Take the tour of the Frantoio (oil mill) 

Frantoio Panizzi Cicin


Via C. Colombo 50


Opening hours:

9 AM–12.30 PM; 4 PM–7.30 PM

Closed on Sundays